Datadeck (id: 3040) $0+

Create dashboards to track real-time data.

Responster (id: 3041) $0+

A service for collecting feedback, conducting surveys and working together.

Alfresco Content Services (id: 3042) $49+

A corporate content management platform with collaboration features.

MailZak (id: 3043) $0+

Service to manage all email boxes and social network accounts in one interface, collecting them under one account to save time. (id: 3044) $40+

The platform for communication and automation of work with mail.

NinjaOutreach (id: 3045) $69+

A single tool for working with opinion leaders.

Hotjar (id: 3046) $0+

"All-in-one" service for analytics of the website and gathering feedback to find out the needs of the visitors and convert them into customers.

AgencyAnalytics (id: 3047) $49+

Service for SEO reporting, dashboard output and web analytics tools. (id: 3049) $299+

Service for web analytics for automatic data collection and marketing reporting.

Ximble (id: 3050) $1+

Online solution for the creation of plans to the employees and flexible staff management.