Hubspot CRM (id: 3226) $0+

CRM for small business to simplify manual operations.

Streak (id: 3227) $0+

Service for connecting to Google Apps and turning Gmail into a CRM system.

Dashlane Password Manager (id: 3228) $0+

A tool to keep track of entering passwords and personal information that you use across the Internet. The Manager is designed to create and store strong passwords.

Centrify (id: 3229) $20+

A service to improve end-user performance, access to the cloud and protect them with a multi-factor authentication system.

Zoho Vault (id: 3230) $0+

A password management service that allows companies to securely store, share and manage passwords and other sensitive data.

Google Ρειτ (id: 3231) $5+

Service for the protection and archiving of personal or corporate email.

Userlike (id: 3232) $0+

Chat for websites that allows you to respond to customer messages and offers a professional online service for managers.

IFTTT (id: 3233) $0+

A web service to create a chain of simple conditions, "recipes" that are triggered by changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Slack (id: 3234) $0+

Online service for team communication with instant search and powerful integration with other platforms.

Telegram Messenger (id: 3235) $0+

Secure messenger, able to sync messages and files between devices, supports status messages, and group chats.