Saasler (id: 3248) $400+

Platform for SaaS services integration.

RentalCalendarsDirect (id: 3249) $0+

Free online calendars for your website, allowing, for example, to maintain a rental plan.

Unito (id: 3250) $0+

A platform for connecting cloud project management services.

Freshchat (id: 3251) $0+

Online chat for marketing, support and sales.

Manageyum (id: 3252) $0+

A single application to manage all your work services.

Resco Mobile CRM (id: 3253) $0+

Client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to access all data. It is intended to increase the productivity of personnel, technical specialists, etc.

WalkMe (id: 3254) $0+

Corporate tool to simplify the UX of the site.

Spidergap (id: 3255) $69+

An online tool to conveniently collect feedback from employees.

Curating Pharma CRM (id: 3257) $100+

Online system for medical workers with a full database of contractors, reporting and control over the work of employees.

SnapEngage (id: 3258) $60+

Customizable online chat for sales and customer support and a wide range of integrations.