BuzzStream (id: 3320) $24+

The tool helps marketers, PR specialists and content managers to promote products, services and content to increase links and brand growth.

PipeCandy (id: 3321) $500+

Generation, lead forecasts, search, reports.

Zoho ContactManager (id: 3322) $0+

An online environment for collaboration, storing business contacts and tracking team interactions.

Bitbucket (id: 3323) $0+

Free source code hosting for Git and Mercurial and at the same time a collaborative development tool.

Highrise (id: 3324) $0+

Secret weapon to control tasks, manage contacts and notes from the creators of Basecamp. The service allows you to share contacts, set reminders and communicate with colleagues.

CamCard (id: 3325) $0+

Service from the field of scanning, recognition, reading and storage in a convenient form of business cards. (id: 3326) $0+

Chatbots creation service for business.

Cloud9 (id: 3327) $0+

The service combines an online code editor with a full Ubuntu working environment in the cloud. Cloud9 supports more than 40 languages.

Codenvy (id: 3328) $0+

Online workspace for running and debugging code in the cloud.

Botdesk (id: 3329) $45+

Chatbot creation service for automatic support of visitors.