Smartling (id: 3358) $0+

Cloud service for translation of websites, documents and localization of mobile applications.

DeployHQ (id: 3359) $0+

Deploy code from CodeBase, GitHub, and BitBucket in minutes.

Crowdin (id: 3360) $19+

Translation management platform for mobile applications, Internet and desktop applications, and related assets.

Cloud Source Repositories (id: 3361) $0+

The service is intended for storing and editing code. It is running based on Google Cloud Platform integrating all cloud services company.

Beanstalk (id: 3362) $0+

Storage service code to the development teams.

Transifex (id: 3363) $139+

Service for data collection and translation of mobile and web applications, websites

DevSpace (id: 3364) $0+

Track events from GitHub.

MockingBot (id: 3365) $0+

Service for mobile prototyping without a headache.

Springloops (id: 3366) $0+

Service for web development, SVN/Git version control and update deployment.

POEditor (id: 3367) $0+

Platform for managing application translations.