Blackboard Learn (id: 3368) $30+

A platform used by organizations to improve the quality of the learning process. It offers the necessary services and support in a virtual learning environment.

Zoho Recruit (id: 3369) $0+

Online tracking system for applicants and solution for recruitment Agency.

Edmodo (id: 3370) $100+

Learning outside the classroom, automating the workplace of teachers and students to unite and collaborate.

Shiftee (id: 3371) $0+

Service for planning, time tracking, visits and payroll.

Meetingbird (id: 3372) $0+

Calendar for organizing meetings with joint editing.

When I Work Scheduling (id: 3373) $9+

The service is created to satisfy companies of all sizes in managing the schedule and work of all hourly employees.

Lighthouse 360 (id: 3374) $0+

A web-based service business management application with customer tracking and job planning features.

TManager (id: 3375) $0+

The service task scheduling using a calendar interface.

Deputy (id: 3376) $0+

Online assistant to manage tasks and track their progress. Suitable for any business with five or more employees and hourly pay.

Workable (id: 3377) $39+

Online service for easy and fast recruitment with a minimalistic interface. It allows recruiters to focus on important tasks.