SpyFu (id: 3449) $39+

Tools to learn the keywords of competitors under Adwords and SEO-promotion.

Klout (id: 3450) $0+

The service helps those who want to get more influence in social networks: share original content and measure the impact.

App Annie (id: 3451) $0+

Analytics of applications, market, tracking downloads, profits, trends and reviews.

Survey Analytics (id: 3452) $500+

A scalable set of tools for collecting feedback both inside and outside the company. Helps companies listen to customers and hear.

Zoho Survey (id: 3453) $0+

A web service to conduct surveys and collect feedback from customers and all those people who are important to your business.

Sumo (id: 3454) $0+

Tools for traffic analysis and user actions.

Qualtrics (id: 3455) $100+

Research system for personal, business and scientific tasks with many settings. It allows you to collect data about customers, evaluate them and use them in promotion, sales and so on.

Optimizely (id: 3456) $0+

The platform provides companies with a/B testing and multi-page testing.

Iconosquare (id: 3457) $9+

Service for viewing activity in Instagram, social Analytics. It is a tool for managing contests and brand communities.

BuzzSumo (id: 3458) $99+

A tool to search for popular and influential content that is used for content marketing and SEO campaigns.