ScrumDo (id: 3519) $0+

Online project management tool for Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban and Scrumban methods.

Highcharts (id: 3520) $0+

Service for creating interactive diagrams for web pages.

5pm (id: 3521) $24+

Online service for project and task management. It has a calendar, storage, access rights settings, mail integration and other options.

ProductPlan (id: 3522) $39+

The service allows you to plan and discuss the product plan. It contains the entire product strategy.

Tahometer (id: 3523) $0+

Online tool to track employee working time and compile detailed reports on their work process.

StoriesOnBoard (id: 3524) $7+

A tool to create user stories.

ProProfs Project (id: 3525) $19+

Service for project management and collaboration, task assignment, time tracking, file sharing and efficiency improvement.

OmniPlan (id: 3526) $50+

One of the web services for building projects for Mac and iPad. You can start with a simple outline and work towards the final version, along the way, offering to evaluate the work of colleagues.

Task Coach (id: 3527) $0+

Free program, task Manager available for all platforms. He knows how to do business, take into account the time of work on them in manual mode and calculate the payment of tasks.

Office 365 Planner (id: 3528) $374+

Project management and collaboration service.