Weekdone (id: 3634) $0+

For weekly reports on the progress of the employee. It collects plans, results and problems by team members.

idealweek (id: 3635) $0+

Goal management and time control.

Bannerwise (id: 3636) $99+

Service for creating, configuring and optimizing HTML5 banners.

Swipes Workspace (id: 3637) $0+

Service to work with goals, notes and files.

Jive-n (id: 3638) $0+

Interactive social intranet portal for a company.

Gone (id: 3639) $0+

Simple task list.

Support Hero (id: 3640) $49+

A service for building a knowledge base and creating a user support center.

Stack Overflow for Teams (id: 3641) $10+

A developer platform that allows you to quickly find answers to questions without disrupting the workflow.

Paste (id: 3642) $0+

Service for creating slides and presentations.

Moosti (id: 3643) $0+

Service to work on the technique Pomodoro.