Instapaper (id: 3655) $0+

Online tool to save web pages for delayed reading.

Zenkit (id: 3656) $0+

Service for project management.

Zoho Show (id: 3657) $0+

Online service to create presentations, modify them, of sharing and collaboration.

SpiderOak (id: 3658) $0+

Secure cloud storage for backing up important files. Like other similar services, it also synchronizes data and is able to exchange them.

Tresorit (id: 3659) $0+

Secure cloud storage for sensitive files that are encrypted before uploading to the cloud. (id: 3660) $0+

Web service for organizing your plans, projects, task lists, goals, contacts, reminders, events, etc.

Zoho Sheet (id: 3661) $0+

Online editor to create tables, change, share and collaborate on them.

Moodily (id: 3662) $0+

Rethinking the tablet. Joint work on the design.

Zoho Wiki (id: 3663) $0+

Knowledge management for teams.

My Scans (id: 3664) $0+

This is a scanner and organizer of documents for mobile devices based on Android and iOS. Designed to recognize documents, invoices, business cards, invoices, contracts or notes.