Amazon Drive (id: 3765) $12+

Cloud storage for all files including photos, videos and music. With access to them from anywhere, from any device.

MediaFire (id: 3766) $0+

One of the few cloud web services not only for storing media files, but also for playing them directly from network directories.

Emaze (id: 3767) $4+

Online tool for creating presentations "in a couple of clicks" with a unique design and three-dimensional objects.

WorkFlowy (id: 3768) $0+

Online tool for creating notes and making lists. The service is easy to use but powerful.

Diaro (id: 3769) $0+

A personal journal for taking notes with mobile applications.

CloudMe (id: 3770) $0+

A cloud-based file storage service that offers file synchronization and client programs.

Toodledo (id: 3771) $0+

Web service for doing lists, planning, with support for contexts, multi-level projects, etc.

Seafile (id: 3772) $10+

Cloud storage with encryption on the client side.

Yammer (id: 3773) $3+

An online service in the form of a social network for enterprises, which helps in interaction and collaboration.

Workboard (id: 3774) $0+

A free web service for team work and performance measurement that helps managers achieve goals, prioritize and build feedback.