Pages (id: 3785) $0+

A text editor with all the tools to create documents, allowing you to quickly share them and work with Microsoft Word files.

Things (id: 3786) $329+

Task Manager for the establishment and organization of all to-do lists. It is designed to increase productivity, speed of achieving goals and keeping all the Affairs in one placesaas_desc.

MyLifeOrganized (id: 3787) $0+

An application for task planning, case management and achieving goals. The service is easy to use and very flexible to configure.

Notion (id: 3788) $0+

Documents, knowledge base and tasks in a single workspace for collaboration.

TomatoTimer (id: 3789) $0+

A simple service in the form of a timer on Pomodoro technique, but without rigid time limits.

Zoho Notebook (id: 3790) $0+

Application to collect notes.

Office Sway (id: 3791) $199+

A web application for combining text and media files to create presentation materials, projects and collages with interactive content.